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Matthew 4:19 “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” When Jesus began his public ministry, he almost immediately began calling certain men to be his disciples. This process continued as he developed his core of twelve disciples, and started teaching them and leading them to become all that God intended them to be, and to accomplish all that God had planned in His will for them.

Jesus had compassion and understanding that the people were like sheep without a shepherd. Today we have huge ministries, and churches but leaving most men behind, often without even realizing it. Men don’t need nurture, they need truth and accountability. They want answers and solutions for the things that really matter in life. They need God the Father to be a real force in their life, and they need someone , a matured man of God ,willing to lead them.

The purposes of Men’s Ministry will be completely compassionate, and full of biblical truth, and brotherly love. A Men’s Ministry that has compassion for men is having compassion for their family too,understanding that their families are greatly benefitted when men become biblical men. Our Jesus Mission men’s fellowship is gathering every week and is praying for the nations and families. Our aim is mentoring men to be a godly father and a loving husband. Also we train them to be leaders to lead others. We welcome you to join us to equip yourself. Our men’s meet gathering starts at 7pm on every Saturday.


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