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Our Lord Jesus Christ has already worked out all of our “tomorrows.” It’s up to us to trust Him for just “today” as we live the Christian life. His encouragement and life directions are found in the Spiritual Compass God Breathed into each of our souls upon our birth into this world. Each of us must learn to deny our worldly “self” so that we can be led by our Spiritual Compass which will allow us to walk through this world, but never become a part of it. The Door and The Light to our Eternity is Jesus!!! Live each day knowing that He died so that we can live!!! How can you live for Christ in your day to day life? To walk with God in you daily life you need Gods counsels. You can learn more lessons and messages through our literatures. Jesus Mission’s publication department is using different methods to bring out message of Christ to educate and edify God’s children. We have published more 50 books which are very much useful for leaders and believers. Printing gospel booklets, bible study materials, tracts, and spiritual books are main materials from this ministry.

Some of our booklets list.
1. 100 A-Z prayers for your children’s blessings
2. 100 Healing promises God said about your healing
3. 100 Golden verses of Jesus
4. 100 Faith confessions to overcome sin
5. 100 Prayers of pregnant women
6. 200 Kids rhyming prayers – Teach your children to pray
7. 200 Teen’s prayers
8. 200 Teen’s decisions
9. 200 Students’ prayers
10. 200 Believers’ prayers
11. 200 Prayers for your wife
12. 200 Prayers for your husband
13. 200 Prayers for your marriage
14. 200 Blessings you have in Christ
15. 200 Prayers for your business blessings
16. 200 Powerful prayers of God’s servants
17. 200 Powerful prayers of the church
18. 200 Passionate prayers from psalms 119
19. 200 Prayers to increase your wisdom
20. 200 Decisions for your spiritual growth
21. 200 Prayers for your children’s protection
22. 200 Blessings of Israel – you can claim in Christ
23. 200 Faith confessions for your financial growth
24. 200 Faith confessions for your mind deliverance
25. 200 Faith confessions and commands for your healing
26. 365 God’s consoling words for his children
27. 366 God’s promises for the whole year


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