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Bible Calls endeavours to provide a comprehensive biblical-theological education (Acts 20:27) that is based solely on the forever infallible and inerrant Scriptures (Ps 12:6–7, Matt 5:18, 2 Tim 3:16–17) so as to equip both Christian men and women for effective spiritual leadership and service (2 Tim 2:2, 2:15) in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:18–20), and in the defence of the Reformed Faith (Phil 2:16, Titus 1:9, Jude 3).

We place strong emphasis on textual study of the Bible. We are committed to providing quality Biblical instruction for Christians – for future full-time work for the Church or personal on-going Bible knowledge and spiritual growth. We aim to train and prepare preachers/ teachers for the Lord’s work in all of Asia. We exalt the Bible as the verbally inspired Word of God, perfect and complete, without error or contradiction and accept God’s Word as the authority in matters of faith and practice.

Bible Calls has a total of nine spiritually and academically qualified lecturers in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Church History, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education and Information Technology. The Bible Calls lecturers are themselves graduates of the College. As such, they understand well the vision and mission of the College, and can be trusted to serve as effective teachers and mentors to our students. Know that Bible Calls lecturers are also practitioners of the faith in their respective churches. Being skilled in practical ministry themselves.

Our passion is edifying Christians with sound Bible knowledge, and is equipping believers for the work of Gospel and for teaching ministry. It motivates the believers to serve God purposefully using their God-given talents. This ministry enhances the lives of Christian men and women through the transforming power of the Word of God. Through the Bible based teaching and training, the Christians who are graduated are becoming preachers, evangelists, church ministry leaders, Sunday school teachers, and are active in God’s Kingdom work. So far 500 graduates have received training and are serving God with a great zeal in different parts of India and also in other countries. More over Bible calls is training young men and women for Evangelism through our Youth Bible Training Course. Along with Bible teaching, Practical training for evangelism, church planting, and Leadership programs are the main areas in which the students are being trained. At present we have 5 bible training centres in India in which 150 students are studying.


Bible Calls was established with the conviction that preachers are raised up by Christ. They cannot be manufactured by a church or seminary. A man with gifts needs to be trained, if he is to use his gifts effectively. The preaching module at Bible Calls provides clear, practical instruction on sermon preparation, the structuring of a sermon, preaching from the different genres of Scripture and ensuring that preaching is centred on Christ. We emphasise that preaching is more than simply the effective communication of the results of sound exegesis. It involves argument, persuasion, exhortation, urgency and passion. Above all, it requires a prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit, that the preacher may proclaim the words of Christ with divine power and authority.

This module combines workshops and seminars as well as more formal lectures, and it includes instruction in voice production. Students have regular opportunities to expound the Bible in times of worship at the Seminary, to preach on Sundays in local churches, and to take Bible studies and mid-week meetings. Bible Calls Preacher Training Course is dedicated to providing biblically sound, in depth training to teachers and preachers everywhere. Bible calls Preachers training course is giving training for believers and bible college students to improve the preaching skills.

What is the topic based training we do to the leaders from our bible school? Basic Preaching Skills, Refreshing Your Preaching, Effective Expository Preaching, Varieties of Narrative Preaching, Preaching on Topical Issues, Apologetic Preaching, Preaching the Bible: Old Testament/Prophets Preaching the Bible: New Testament/Gospels/Parables, Preaching on Different topics, Preaching on Special Occasions-In Wedding, Baptism and Funerals, Preaching and Worship, Presentation skills – Voice and Body Language.

Bible Calls seeks born again believers called of God to a life of committed and consecrated Christian service to be students of the College (Luke 9:23–24). Are you willing to serve the Lord Jesus Christ unconditionally and unreservedly, and submit yourself fully to the academic rigour, spiritual discipline, and theological excellence of this College? If yes, then we welcome you warmly to study with us. The key to theological and ministerial success is, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15).


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